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I can’t believe it’s almost September! Today is the last day of August. Summer is nearly over, at least according to the calendar. It’s a good thing that where I live, the weather only gets warmer from August until mid-October. The sun is out, & the skies couldn’t look more beautiful. It’s such a waste to be cooped up inside the house (or office cubicle). I’ve decided to take a personal day for myself today just to unwind & reorganize my life’s To Do list. Hey, even persons with less stressful jobs need some personal time to recharge his/her own batteries.

This summer, I feel like every day rolls by on one continuous loop. I don’t even remember when each day begins or ends. It has all been one big blur of the past four months. My niece’s 5-year old birthday, which coincided with my older female cousin’s bridal shower. My own birthday, which ended in a rather embarrassing way that I wish I could go back & do over again. Many more birthday parties of my close friends & family. Followed by the Mexican-destination wedding of my above mentioned cousin, which happened to take place on the exact date of our other cousin’s birthday (which truly upset him…but only for a short time). Shortly after that, San Diego’s International Comic-Con took up an ample chunk of my July days. Peppered in with a few extremely brief layover days in Los Angeles. More birthday celebrations! And now, here we are at the end of August.


Right now I’m sitting in my local coffee shop, in my “usual seat”, writing this blog post. I just finished eating a pre-made protein snack box filled with fruits, slices of cheese, a hard boiled egg, & a small slice of multi-grain bread. This is one of the regular food items I always order at this coffee shop. I am a creature of habit, & usually order only amongst the same three or four items I like every time. I don’t mind trying new things, but I dont like holding up the line behind me. So, I generally just pick the things I like/know, so that I can place my order quickly, pay the cashier, & step out of the line fast.

Since today is my so-called day off from doing my everyday work, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, & outdoors. Then, I’m going to watch a matinee movie, a movie that I am more than happy to pay to watch twice in the theaters. Yes, that’s how much I thoroughly enjoy watching this particular movie. (I will even buy this movie on DVD &/or digital download when it it released.) In two days I’m going to watch Brandon Flowers (the lead singer of the band The Killers) in concert. I’ve only ever seen him in concert at the Outside Lands music festival along with his fellow Killers bandmates. This will be the first time I will be watching Brandon Flowers perform music from his solo albums. I’m so excited to be going to another concert, especially since it’s Brandon Flowers, & he is a great musician that I admire very much. I. Can’t. Wait. Cheers!

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I love to drink milk (just plain, not flavored like chocolate, strawberry, soy, or almond). I also love the word “milk”. Well, this is actually the verb “to milk”, but I enjoy the action word anyway. There is one specific book on my tablet’s e-reader app that uses this word frequently. I have probably read this book well over a dozen times, & I never get sick of it. This particular book is one of my all-time favorites (even though it’s not one of our history’s classic works of literature, or a Pulitzer prize winner). I always find myself going back to re-read my most favorite parts of the book, which coincidentally, often contain the word “milk” in them. Referring to the cold beverage as well as the action word, I find the word “milk” to be quite sexy & a little erotic. I’d like to use this word more in my everyday vocabulary…if only others would not interpret my words as smutty innuendo. Let’s see if I can try to use this word more, hm…? Cheers!

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I am probably going to go to the bookstore and buy a book about the meaning of dreams after writing this blog post. I would really like to understand my dreams & find out if they have any meaning behind them at all, or if they’re just a load of crap thoughts floating through my mind while I’m sleeping.

My latest strange dream begins with me in the kitchen. For some unknown reason I am either thinking about or craving coffee. So I open up the main food cupboard in the kitchen & reach up to the top shelf to grab the electric coffee grinder.

At this time I should note that: 1. The cupboard’s top shelf in my dream is much higher than it is in real life because I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach it, AND 2. I don’t keep the coffee grinder in the food cupboard, or even in a high place.

As I’m standing up on my tiptoes to reach & grab the electric coffee grinder, the empty box I usually store the coffee grinder in falls down & gently hits the top of my head before landing on the ground. I momentarily look down at the box on the kitchen floor & think to myself, “Huh! Why is the box empty? I don’t keep that in this cupboard.” Then, I look up again to get the coffee grinder itself, but as I reach up, a box of cereal mysteriously appears behind the coffee grinder & also falls onto the kitchen floor.

Now I’m fully looking down at the kitchen floor, completely ignoring the coffee grinder I was intending to get in the first place. There is a huge mess of frosted corn flakes all over the floor, in the area right next to my small eat-in dining table. At this point I don’t even wonder how the cereal mess traveled all the way over there when the cupboard the cereal box fell out of is clearly ten-plus feet away, & there is no cereal trail leading from the cupboard to the table. (I am reading too much into these random details. Am I deviating from the main story? I call that the ‘Shiny Nickel’ effect.)

I absentmindedly start cleaning up the cereal by brushing the frosted corn flakes with my cupped hands into small piles on the floor. I also use my forearms to make sweeping motions across the floor. Next thing I can remember is that I’m scooping the piles of corn flakes & depositing them into random Tupperware containers, not even checking if the containers already have leftover food in them or not. As I’m scooping up the cereal, I look down at the mess & think to myself, “This mess never gets any smaller, no matter how much I clean it up!” Immediately following that thought I get an extremely strong urge to use the bathroom. I can no longer concentrate & only think of urinating. Why am I now debating with myself over cleaning up the cereal mess or taking a piss? I am actually mulling this over in my mind in my dream.

To pee, or not to pee. A very important discussion topic. Especially while cleaning up a cereal shit show.

Why am I making things worse for myself in my dream? I continue to debate whether or not I should just go to the bathroom & clean up the kitchen afterwards, or if I should wait to take a piss. I decide to get up from sitting on the kitchen floor & get the vacuum cleaner. I feel a sense of disappointment that I’m wasting the cereal, but I hate having a dirty kitchen. Suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, I take the time to notice that there are empty sunflower seed shells strewn about underneath the eat-in dining table. I shake my head & question who has been sloppily eating sunflower seeds again & not properly cleaning up after themselves. I know who the culprit is, but all I can do is grow increasingly frustrated with the filthy state of the kitchen.

Is it that time already? Can I hold back any longer? Should I prolong this agony even more? NO!

Finally, I tell myself out loud that I should go to the bathroom. I am now repeatedly telling myself that I need to take a piss, & I should not deviate from making a liquid deposit into the porcelain bowl. I tell myself so loudly that I need to piss, that I end up waking myself out of a sound sleep. I immediately, mechanically get out of bed & tell myself aloud that I am going to use the bathroom. I don’t know why I have to announce to myself what I’m going to do. There is nobody else in the bedroom with me. Why would my warm & soft bed care what I’m about to do? I’ve never wet the bed ever in my life, & I’m not about to start now.

Is it strange or ironic that I’m sitting in a big box coffee shop writing this blog post & the air conditioning is so extremely strong that it’s not only making me shiver from head-to-toe, but it’s also making me want to pee real bad? I don’t know, but I’m now going to hastily end this post so I can get the hell out of here & soak up the warm sunshine outside. Perhaps thaw myself out a bit. Cheers! Brrrrr……

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